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Meet the Team

Nathan Fournier


Property Manager

Graduating with degrees in mechanical and aerospace engineering from WPI, Nate decided to apply his engineering aptitude to building science and business development. His love of learning led him on a journey to achieve financial freedom through Real Estate investing. 

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Daniel George


Project Manager

As a Master Electrician, Dan recognized the benefit of real estate investing and worked nights and weekends putting in offers and managing contractors as him and Nate flipped houses. This allowed him to leave his job and work full-time as a project manager for the business. 

About Us


Taking Action

 Nate and Dan founded Property Providers LLC in 2015 with the intention of flipping houses to generate capital which they could then put towards apartment buildings. They have since flipped 7 properties with an eye on energy efficient design and are actively acquiring multifamily buildings in Worcester County.  


Energy Efficient Renovations

Since leaving the cubicle as a mechanical engineer, Nate shifted his focus to building science and energy efficient design. He became the VP of Sales and Marketing for an insulation company and has made it a point to implement energy efficient products and practices into the properties he works on.


Win-Win Relationships

We work with private parties who are interested in real estate investing, but aren't sure where to start. We are able to give out investors double-digit rates of return on invested capital, secured by a mortgage and promissory note. If you are interesting in putting your money to work for you please reach out!